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The Tahadation story is almost complete and a flash submission shud be in the portal no later than December. But as a bit of fun I decided to update my profile pictures :). I made the banner at the top of the page 10 minutes ago, you can compare it to the profile picture on the left to see how much progress has been made lol :P comments are appreciated

Also, if anyone can help me with that stupid pixely effect I'd be grateful. How do I make it look "sharper"? (the banner) I'm not sure why it looks like this, I used Paint if it helps. Thanks in advance.

Well like promised! here's a sneak peak pic of what is to be expected!! I won't give out too much so it doesnt ruin everything :P But I hope you guys enjoy it when it's out! wish me luck now lol

Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter Sneak Peak!

So many things!!!

2009-05-23 11:10:03 by Tahadation

Wow.. 6 months of no flash or ideas.. and now I suddenly get inspired to make a million things.. well including the stuff i talked about in earlier posts, I'm also going to make a little parody/funny flash :) I got inspired by the Street Fighter collab :P I can't help it.. I should be done soon.. 2 weeks tops I'd say

Exciting News!

2009-05-21 07:52:26 by Tahadation

First, to anyone who was waiting for it, I'm afraid the Naruto flashes are over for now. I just made them to practice my animating. Now that I am pretty confident with my work, it's time to move on!

At this moment in time, I have 3 pending projects, I've started losing motivation to make the first one so right now its on hold, and recently while trying to come up with a new idea.. I managed to come up with two lol :P One of them is still in primary progress.. however shockingly, the second is almost ready to be implemented! I've come up with the main story line, characters, their personalities, and even some names already :D.. I've even come up with a possible title... " SOLAREANS " .. don't judge yet but we'll see how well this carries on :) wish me luck!


(P.S I'm working on some concept art if I'm happy with the results I might throw them in with the next post :) )

Fun Naruto Fan Flash 2 In the making!

2009-04-15 15:04:30 by Tahadation

Ok to those who care, after about 5 months of "hardcore" training, ive finally started to progress in my art and since I'm still working on my main flash now, I thought I'd throw in the next Naruto fan flash at all the naruto fans :D but with more creativity this time :D

I'll make it longer and hopefully nicer than the last so wish me luck lol :D!

Tahadation Special Series :D

2008-10-30 21:17:06 by Tahadation

Hello to everyone who reads this! Since I'm fairly new to newgrounds and this is my first post I thought I'd introduce myself.

Hi, I'm me! nice to meet you.

Now to tell you about the stuff you actually care about :P ... You see my one and only flash movie that I've submitted to newgrounds was just so I can get into practice of animating in flash.. I really love those Naruto fan flashes, but I had no intention of making them my project.

My Project :) :
My actual project is about me and my best friend's lives.. I'm making a series and its gonna rock newgrounds (I hope :P ?) But first I'm gonna be making random short episodes to introduce us and get a bit of recognition out there, then we get on to the main show.. and since probably no one is going to read this here... I'll copy paste this into the description of the first episode lol.. hope you enjoy it.. it's starting to look good :D! (MUCH better than that naruto flash I promise lol)

6alool. (thats my name.. my real name believe it or not.. all will be explained in the flashes :P)