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Entry #6

Tahadation series are almost good to go!

2009-08-30 06:26:19 by Tahadation

The Tahadation story is almost complete and a flash submission shud be in the portal no later than December. But as a bit of fun I decided to update my profile pictures :). I made the banner at the top of the page 10 minutes ago, you can compare it to the profile picture on the left to see how much progress has been made lol :P comments are appreciated

Also, if anyone can help me with that stupid pixely effect I'd be grateful. How do I make it look "sharper"? (the banner) I'm not sure why it looks like this, I used Paint if it helps. Thanks in advance.


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2009-08-30 07:26:03

Paint is a bitmap painting software, so if you add any size differences in when you were making it, and when you put it up, that would do it. You could remake it in Gimp/Photoshop or something, or ypou could try saving the original .bmp into Gimp/Photoshop, and resave it as a high-quality .jpeg. That's the only idea I have, sorry.

Tahadation responds:

Thanks for your help, I think I know what to do now :)